Special Edition Muvman® Sit-to-Stand Stool with Wool Seat

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Designed by Henner Jahns | Crafted by Aeris

The Muvman® active sit-to-stand stool provides the ultimate level of flexibility perfect for active remote workers, learners and hobbyist. It combines an lightweight frame that allows this stool to be easily moved around your home with patented technology that promotes healthy and intuitive posture changes. Sitting or perching upon Muvman® immediately encourages a health-optimal, upright working posture and relieves tension in the legs. It is also infinitely height-adjustable and allows for back-forth rocking & side-to-side movement.

The Special Edition Muvman® Sit-to-Stand Stool with Wool Seat features a new soft 100% wool seat & 2 frame finishes.

Hot Features

Award-Winning Design
Award-Winning Design

Muvman® is a multi international award-winning designer chair. It has secured a world-renowned RedDot Design award, Nightingale Gold award, Best of NeoCon Silver award, Interior Innovation award & multiple Universal Design awards including "consumer favorite".

Patented Flexzone Technology
Patented Flexzone Technology

The slightly convex seat with Flexzone Technology avoids pressure points, promotes an upright posture while standing or sitting and ensures good blood circulation all the way to the tips of the toes.

Relax with Ergonomics
Relax with Ergonomics

The flexible central column of the ergonomic standing chair enables constant micro movements that keep the intervertebral discs supple. The chair's pivotal joint is located close to the floor to ensure that you remain in an upright position – whichever way you move.

Try It 30 Day Guarantee
Try It 30 Day Guarantee

Choosing chair is a very intimate experience. After all, you're going to spend more time with your chair than you are with most people. We want you to feel great about your chair from To support this, we offer to exchange or return your product for a refund within 30 days of receipt of your online order.

Free Shipping + Arrives Assembled
Free Shipping + Arrives Assembled

Ergify products ship free to any of the contiguous 48 United States. No hidden fees. No Exceptions. No Nonsense. Plus, unlike most furniture that arrives in a bunch of boxes filled with pieces you have to assemble, Muvman® arrives 100% assembled in just one box.

Patented Technology for a Superior Sit

Flexzone + Muvzone

Many people prefer to work standing up such as at a standing desk. This can cause a build up of pain & health issues in the back, legs and feet. To combat this, the Muvman® features patented flexzone technology in it seat that yields to body pressure, encourages movement & improves blood circulation. This is paired with the patented muvzone technology that integrates body balance technology into a sit-stand-perch chair. The result is an easy-to-move, body-adaptive, sit-to-stand stool perfect for workers & remote learners who don’t want to just sit still in one place.

Flexzone Seat

The patented, flexzone seat technology pleasantly gives way to your body pressure as you move, providing just the right amount of support and comfort. It helps promote healthy blood circulation and comfort from the waist down.

Easy Grip

The smooth, textured grip allows you to easily take your Muvman® on the go as you shift between different environments for working, learning or engaging in hobbies.

The Muvzone

The patented muvzone provides access to greater freedom of movement. It works through a movement joint close to the ground in the foot plate. This system automatically adapts to your changes in position to best support the way you work.

Stable Base

The Muvman® uses a stable base plate that has a non-slip rubber grip for guaranteed safe support in every sitting or standing position.


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