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Learning remotely? Whether from your dorm room, playroom, the end of kitchen table or a dedicated learning space, learning from home is a challenge. Endless distractions and the itch to move can make remote learning from home difficult. Creating an ergonomic, mentally engaging & physically supportive learning environment is the key to success for remote education.

Ergify offers customizable solutions for the perfect learn from home space whether small, big or in a shared, multi-functional space. Continue scrolling down to explore ergonomics products, lifestyle tips & more designed to Ergify Your Learning Space.

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Latest Insights

Focus Your Mind & Body

Can a chair help me stay focused? Sandra Capitelli-Frank, mother of a son who has Autism, believes so!

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Celebrating Children’s Health & Wellbeing

Some of our favorite ergonomic chairs for kids to combat increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

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How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Learning Environment

Five tips for setting up a functional, ergonomic workspace for your kids learning at home.

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