Celebrating Children’s Health & Wellbeing

October 4, 2021

Universal Children’s Week or Children’s Day is celebrated on different days depending on the country. However, they have one thing in common: to honor children and to promote the health and welfare of kids around the world.

With that in mind, we wanted to visit some of our favorite ergonomic chairs for kids, especially as they seem to be sitting still in increasingly more sedentary lifestyles.

A Motion Stool for the Kid Who’s Always Moving 

If you’ve got a fidgety student who can never seem to sit still, consider the innovative, German-designed Swopper® Active Stool. Swopper®’s three-dimensional movement can not only help calm neuro-diverse brains, but it can also result in improved circulation, deeper breathing, and better concentration.

Compact Chair that Leans Way Back

The Reset Desk Chair may be one of our more compact task chairs, but it is loaded with ergonomic features, like: Synchronized tilt recline that reclines 22 degrees, built-in lumbar support, adjustable seat height & supportive, proprietary foam seat with waterfall edge so it doesn’t cut off circulation.

Image of the Onda chair in a home office setup.

Luxury Ergonomics for the Kid Who’s ‘Extra’ 

For your college student or the kid who’s constantly gaming, consider the Cadillac of ergonomic chairs: Onda. Onda is the most beautiful and empowering ergonomic chair. It’s made with contract-grade materials (so it can stand up to heavy use), comes with an excellent warranty, and is easy to adjust to your kid’s unique body, working style, and ergonomic preferences.

Midnight Frame

Cloud Frame

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