Ergonomics is the study of how to best meet a person’s needs by the use of their space. It aims to increase comfort, efficiency, productivity and general wellbeing as a person carries out doing what they need to do in their environment.

When you feel good in your space & the tools within it are giving you what you need, life is good. Conversely, if your space & all of the items in it—like your chair—are not supporting you, everyday can leave you feeling defeated and depleted.

What does a lack of ergonomics look like?

Headache & Eye Strain

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Exhaustion & Fog Brain

Back & Muscle Ache

Stress + Anxiety + Forgetfulness + Fatigue. Does this nasty combo equal your life on the daily? Lack of proper lighting, hunched over postures, little to no consistent movement, uncomfortable furniture & more can take a major toll on your day. It can tank your productivity and ability to achieve what you set out to do. You may find yourself with a persistent down in the dumps feeling, which lingers long after you’ve shut off from remote learning or working from home.

How can good ergonomics help?

Provide Great Lighting

Help You Stay Rested

Keep You in Motion

Provide Solid Support

With great ergonomics comes great relief. Using proper sitting and working postures, building stretches and standing breaks into your day, using proper lighting and letting in natural light where possible, can make a transformative difference in your remote work life or school life. Designing a proper ergonomic home office or learning environment filled with ergonomic tools is a powerful way to kickstart improvements in productivity, focus and comfort that doesn’t quit. It helps take the unnecessary strain out of working from controllable factors, which let you get your life back when you’re ready to shut off work or school for the day.

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Our Approach to Ergonomics

Ergonomics are the cornerstone of Ergify. It’s so important to us that we made it into an action & built it into our name. To ergify is to bring you & your space into harmony, working flawlessly together to achieve your goals. No settling for second best. No compromises. No just dealing with your work from home or learn from home situation. At Ergify we offer a growing range of extensive ergonomic features on fully customizable products made to help you design the perfect match in your space.

The 3 Pillars of Ergify

Ergify Your Body

Goodnight pain. Goodbye strain. Using ergonomic practices and creating an ergonomically optimized space can have a major and even immediate positive impact on your body. Proper sitting, lighting and methods of working (ie. typing, etc) can release tension, relax your muscles and bring on the comfort. Further, short bursts of continuous movement—such as by using a Swopper® Active Stool—can keep your blood circulating well and combat long-term negative health effects.

Ergify Your Mind

After the benefits to the body, come the benefits to the mind. Ergonomics start with combating physical issues that lead to mental stress and strain. By creating an ergonomic space customized to your goals and using ergonomic practices & tips, you can begin to release that building tension & stress. In its place, you are able to unlock focus, increase your productivity and allow for more enjoyable remote work or learn sessions.

Ergify Your Spirit

You didn’t trade face-to-face dialogue and all-day access to the company coffee bar to get stuck in a boring rut at home. Ergonomics are more than a set of technical instructions with a rigorous one-size-fits-all approach. Break the rules. Build play into your day. Find the ergonomic balance that achieves your own personal zen and keeps it working for you.

Medical Disclaimer: Ergify does not provide medical advice. Ergonomic tips & products are designed to provide self-help resources & tools for your own use. They do not replace medical advice from a certified medical practitioner. Always consult a health professional in the area for your particular needs and circumstances prior to making any professional or medical decisions. See more at our Terms of Use.

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