Please find our frequently asked questions and their answers grouped by categories below. If you do not see your question here or need any further clarification, please contact us.

General FAQ

How long does it take to get the Ergify product?

Orders are processed Monday-Friday within 24 hours of receipt. Most of our products arrive in the contiguous US in 2-7 business days after ordering.

How do I cancel or change an order?

If you need to make a change or cancel your order, please contact us at 877-211-5814 and email customercare@ergify.com. Please reference the order number as well.

How do I get a finish sample or swatch for an Ergify product?

To order a fabric swatch or finish sample free of charge, contact us through chat or phone. Orders are filled and shipped within 2-3 business days from order confirmation.

How does it ship?

We ship all our products FedEx ground. Once your order ships you will receive an order confirmation with the tracking number, to track your delivery to your home.

What is the return policy?

At Ergify, our return policy aims at giving our customers the chance to try our products for 30 days. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Your original order number is required and items must be shipped and received in new condition in original packaging. Customers are responsible for cost of return shipping.

How to return?

Authorization for return must be requested from and be approved by Ergify’s Customer Care team prior to the return of the merchandise.

To request authorization contact Customer Care by phone at 877-211-5814 or by email customercare@ergify.com

How do I make a warranty claim?

For your warranty request, please submit your request to warranty@ergify.com. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing all warranty claims. Once your return is processed, you will be contacted by a warranty claim specialist to continue the warranty claim process.

Where can I find assembly and care instructions for my Ergify Products?

Ergify provides assembly and care instructions for all our chairs and furnishings. These instructions are available in the download section of any product page. All Ergify chairs arrive 95% or more, already assembled.

Ergonomic FAQ

What does ergonomics mean?

Ergonomics (from the Greek word ergon meaning work, and nomoi meaning natural laws), is the science of designing products to optimize them for safe use by humans. Ergonomics is sometimes known as human factors engineering.

Why is ergonomics important?

Having an ergonomic workspace means removing risk factors that could lead to your discomfort, pain and injury while you work. Ergonomics also focuses on optimizing your performance and productivity. Stands to reason that if you are comfortable, pain free and feeling good that you would be more productive right? We invite you to consider all of this and ergify your space with this in mind.

What do you mean by Ergify your space?

Our idea of our work place has dramatically changed. Now many of us are working from home instead of in our traditional office, but we still need to get our work done, on time and enjoy it as much as possible. To “ergify your space”, we mean we want to help you to think about the actual workspace where you find yourself working and ask yourself; Is this space comfortable, functional and does it allow me to stay comfortable while I do my thing all day long? Our mission at ergify is to help you understand that choosing the right tools can help you ensure that your answer is “YES” to all of these questions.

How do I “Erfigy my space” / Where should I start?

From our experience, we believe that if your work requires you be online most of the day using a computer/smart device, then the best first step is to think about your chair and work surface (table or desk) and determine if it is comfortable, supportive and functional for how long you need to stay in place to do what you need to do. In the majority of cases people need to sit, or stand, or do a combination of both to stay energized, productive and comfortable while they stay in that space.

How do I know what is best for me to stay energized, productive and comfortable?

Generally our best guidance is to mix it up. Avoid sitting or standing on an uncomfortable hard surface for long periods of time. Variety of postural positions and potential to create more opportunities for you to move your body are good. If you think sitting is your best position for your work, we can help you find the perfect ergonomic chair for you. If you think that standing is best, we can help you think about the best desk for you to use. If you are unsure, we can help you figure it out. We have researched the best ergonomic tools that can support either sitting, standing or combinations of the two to ensure your long term health and wellness.

What are the most important characteristics for a great ergonomic work chair?

Our team here at ergify have extensive experience when it comes to developing ergonomic work chairs. And we want to share this expertise with you! Our ‘must have’ characteristics for a great ergonomic work chair are: it needs to be comfortable, allow you to move, be adjustable and easy for you to use. Ergify work chairs all have multi-density level foam cushions, with a waterfall front seat edge, that intuitively position you in your optimal sitting position. Our definition of optimal? You can visualize yourself sitting upright comfortably and you move to this position intuitively. And it feels good for the length of time you need to sit. When you do get up, you don’t feel stiff or feel pins and needles in your feet. That’s the magic of our foam. It supports you, you have the ability to move easily, you never ‘bottom out’ and it stimulates better circulation to your legs and feet while you sit. Our chairs are adjustable offering full 360 degree swivel, are height adjustable and offer additional options to ensure your optimum comfort and support.

What other considerations should I take into account when selecting a chair?

Of course your health and wellness comes first, that is a given. But also consider the size of your workspace, is it compact or do I have a larger workspace? Think about the desk you have right now, do you have the opportunity to change this up or do you want something to work with your current one? What fits your personality? Yes this is important too! With our 12 year warranty on all of our chairs, we expect this to be an excellent, quality piece to support you for many years to come, so you may want to customize it to your design preferences. All of our Ergify chairs have a range of color selections for you to think about to make your own.