Muvmat Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat by Aeris

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Aeris Muvmat

A walk in the woods - on half a square meter.

Standing on hard floors means hard work for your body after a short time. To make working while standing more comfortable for you, Aeris has developed the Aeris Muvmat. This special anti-fatigue mat is the perfect addition to your height-adjustable desk, but also for all other workplaces where you have to stand for a long time. The topographical 3D structure in the standing mat activates the foot reflex zones, relaxes the muscles and keeps the body moving: like walking on forest soil.

Thanks to its extremely hard-wearing top layer, our anti-fatigue mat can be used with shoes – but is also perfect for barefoot fans. In addition to the office workstation, you can also use the standing mat in production, in the laboratory and in your home. Simply everywhere where you work standing up.

Inspired by Nature.

Nature is known to be the most creative artist.

Designer José Perico of Mortar Pestle Studio drew his inspiration for the new designs of the Aeris Muvmat covers from the very place where every step brings new ideas: On long walks in nature. “Walks through forests and nature trails, over mountains, stones and roots: I want to bring all these organic textures to the Aeris Muvmat covers with my designs,” says the Portuguese artist. His plant concepts are based on the Bavarian flora and the species of the Bavarian Forest. In doing so, José mixes randomness with precise art: “My focus has always been on patterns and textures that combine movement and closeness to nature. Exactly what the Aeris Muvmat stands for.

Hot Features

Relax with Ergonomics
Relax with Ergonomics

Regular use of the Muvmat anti-fatigue mat has been proven to improve posture. This leads to long-term relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles and thus more relaxed working. And honestly, who wants to feel like they've been in the office for a week after one day?

Free Shipping + Easy Assembly
Free Shipping + Easy Assembly

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Try It 30 Day Guarantee
Try It 30 Day Guarantee

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