January 24, 2022

If you have trouble concentrating, you’re not alone. According to the Harvard Business Review, “your executive function [the thing that helps you pay attention] peaks alongside other brain functions in your early 20s and then gradually diminishes over time.”

That’s pretty scary, especially since I can never seem to remember where I left my credit card… is it in my brown purse, coat pocket, or maybe my work bag?—Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, staying focused – like I said, it’s hard.

For years, we’ve been told to eliminate distractions, bright colors, loud noises. But sometimes the lack of, well, everything feels like it makes it even easier for my mind to wander. Thankfully, it seems like pop culture is catching up to allow for the idea that people learn and work and focus and live differently. We’re all on a spectrum throughout different areas of our lives. Sitting still, for example, may not work for a neurodivergent person (the term neurodiversity is often only thought to encompass those with Autism, but was actually coined to refer to normal variations in the brain, see this article from Web MD).

Can a chair help me stay focused?

Sandra Capitelli-Frank shared this video of her son on his favorite chair, along with this note:

“The Swopper has been a life changer for our son who has Autism and is non-verbal. We keep it by his table where he does therapy and schoolwork. It helps him stay focused and increase his comprehension when doing his work. It also greatly helps him with sensory input which in turn reduces breakdowns!!!”

We also believe that movement can help anyone who considers themselves to be a creative thinker, big-picture or generally impulsive person. Forget the fidget spinner, try moving your whole body. Stand up, get an active work stool or an active platform mat.