All Ergify products are manufactured with meticulous attention to detail to be high quality, durable and long-lasting. Ergify warrants to the initial purchaser, Ergify product will be free from defects in its materials and craftsmanship found during normal 8 hour day usages for the following warranty periods. This coverage shall be effective for the applicable time period beginning from date of original sale.

Products covered by this warranty will be either repaired or replaced at Ergify’s discretion. Product repair or replacement of any defective part is the customer’s exclusive remedy for any and all product defects. Ergify will pay for warranty repair costs pre-approved when shown to be a result of a defective part. The user shall be responsible for all maintenance service, which includes but not limited to: lubricating and cleaning of the product, assembly, adjustment, checking all screws every six months and performing operation checks. Only those items free of misuse and abuse will be covered. Items with alterations, unauthorized repairs, or damaged by fire, flood or other acts of God will not be covered. This warranty applies to all Ergify products manufactured after August 1, 2020. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, other than those specifically described here.

Ergify reserves the right to make changes in design/construction and to discontinue products without prior notice.

Ergify reserves the right to make changes to the 12 year warranty.

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Warranty Periods


All Ergify products are warrantied for 12 years – except where noted. Unless otherwise specified, Ergify’s proprietary, closed-cell, cold-cured, injection-molded foam is also covered for a period of 12 years.


Light task series (Zee).


Ergify chair back mesh and groove fabric. Swopper.


Ergify upholstery leathers and fabrics. Dynamic Stool (Muvman).

Warranty Exceptions

(not covered under warranty)

  • Color-fastness or matching of colors patterns or dye lot, including; minor variations, color matches to swatches used for specification purposes and/or prior purchases.
  • Products with unauthorized repair or alteration.
  • Products not used, maintained or installed in accordance with Ergify’s applicable guidelines.
  • Products exposed to conditions deemed extreme (i.e. environments other than “normal commercial, indoor office” spaces) and damage from sunlight and UV rays.
  • Products purchased “as is” or second hand/refurbished products.
  • Products sold by unauthorized dealers.
  • Variations of leather; dye lots, environment marks, scars, bites, rubs, wrinkles, stretch marks, pattern markings and minor irregularities in color, surface, grain & texture.
  • Samples, floor/showroom samples, road samples.
  • Damage caused by the carrier in-transit, which will be handled as a separate claim against the carrier.
  • Damage caused by staining, sharp objects, imprinting from instruments and water damage.