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AFS-TEX® Seat Balance Disc


The AFS-TEX® Active Anti-Microbial Heavy Duty Balance Disc is the perfect solution for anyone trying to reduce the negative effects of excessive sitting at the office, home, gym, and other environments where you’re sitting for prolonged periods of time. The design focuses on improving core strength, balance, muscle tone of multiple muscle groups, coordination and flexibility.

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AFS-TEX® Seat Balance Disc

Improve Sitting Posture With The Anti-Microbial, Ergonomic Balance Disc

Key Features 

  • Seat cushion helps improve posture and balance
  • Helps reduce physical instability, fatigue, and pain
  • Flip between massage surface or smooth surface
  • Adjust inflation level with included hand pump
  • Built-in anti-microbial protection
  • Promotes concentration and focus

About this Product

The AFS-TEX® Active Anti-Microbial Heavy Duty Balance Disc is the ultimate solution for anyone trying to combat the negative side effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Designed with prolonged sitting in mind, this balance disc is a great choice for children who have a hard time sitting still at a dinner table, on the plane, in the car, or for anyone working at a desk throughout the day.

Use the disc while seated to enhance the inward curve of the lower back and to encourage users to sit more upright.

The wobbly, unstable disc quickly engages core muscles for users working to regain balance and is a great addition to workouts such as yoga, Pilates, or any other exercises where you’re standing or kneeling.

The double-sided surface lets you pick between the raised massage surface for increased stimulation or the smooth surface for exercise routines.

The heavy-duty design has a weight capacity of 440lbs. and contains an active anti-microbial additive to protect from microbial deterioration for the life of the product and improve hygiene.


Floortex provides a limited 2 Year limited warranty on its AFS-TEX® Ergonomic Anti-Microbial Balance Disc with Hand Pump which guarantees them to be free from any defects in material and workmanship at the time of sale to original purchaser, and will not crack, chip, break or shatter under normal usage. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser. Should any product during the warranty period, in Floortex’s sole opinion, prove to be defective in material and/or workmanship under normal usage, Floortex will, at its option, replace the product at no charge (except as otherwise stated herein) provided that the product has not been subjected to abuse, misuse, misapplication, neglect, accident, disaster, alteration or modification. To learn more about Floortex’s warranty information or to file a warranty claim, visit: floortex.com/warranties.



  • Overall Depth: 13"
  • Overall Width: 13"
  • Overall Height: 3"


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