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XL Tabletop Tablet holder

$174 $156.60


Transform the way you work with DURABLE’s Extra Large Tablet Holder Table. Ideal for use in offices, reception areas, and event venues.

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XL Tabletop Tablet holder

Extra-Large Tablet Holder Desk Stand for Tablets 7”- 13"
$174 $156.60


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Key Features 

  1. No need to remove protective tablet case
  2. 360° rotation with locking points at 90°
  3. Opening for easy power connection
  4. Flexible tilt angle from 0° to 88°
  5. Rubberized surfaces protect tablet from damage

About this Product

This premium-quality tablet holder table is suitable for the professional use of tablets in reception spaces, offices, sales, and event environments.

With its stylish design and excellent stability, the tablet holder table is also ideal for industrial applications.

Compatible with 7” to 13” tablets, the tablet holder table can be used with or without a protective cover thanks to its rubber surfaces that protect the tablet as its being held.

Designed with convenience in mind, the holder features a 1-inch clamp with an opening in the support arm for easy connection to power supply so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery.

Offering 360-degree rotation, you can use the tablet in portrait or landscape mode depending on your preference.

The arm features a flexible tilt angle adjustment of 0 degrees to 8 degrees. Get DURABLE’s XL tablet holder table today.


  • Overall Depth: 7.2"
  • Overall Width: 6.1"
  • Overall Height: 9.5"


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