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Most people spend 85% of their workday seated. Our work chairs are ergonomically designed to help you to be healthier, happier and more productive.

C-shape slumped person at chair
C-shape slumped person at chair

Key considerations in selecting a work chair depend on the 1. The type of work you are doing 2. How long you are doing it and 3. Where you are working.

Take charge of Zoom meetings from home and really lead with a bespoke, hand-crafted leather upholstered Ergify executive chair.

C-shape slumped person at chair

Just imagine yourself in a high-back executive chair. Our “execu-task” chairs have presence and performance so you can operate at a higher level.

Dynamic sitting is about not allowing you to sit still because studies have shown static postures are extremely unhealthy. This is the reason why Ergify engineers all of our seating to incorporate movement.

Movement Icon

Dynamic stools allow for healthy movement and core activation while working. Our wide range of adjustable, resilient active stools can be used as a stand-alone seat / perch or in conjunction with an ergonomic task chair as you change from seated to standing positions throughout the day.

Comfort and productivity are not mutually exclusive, the Ergify lounge collection embodies both – supporting work in a reclined posture.

Reclining Person
Reclining - Feet Up

Free yourself from your home office and consider WFH in a supportive lounge chair and ottoman. Our collection includes height and recline features.

Kick your feet up, Ergify ottomans accompany our lounge seating to help reposition the pelvis and back for a supported recline while working or reading.

Reclining Person
Reclining - Feet Up

Take a load off – elevating your feet transforms your lounge chair into a chaise lounge experience.


We research, make and curate the best ergonomic products helping you be healthier, happier and more productive.