Large Cable Management CAVOLINE® Storage Box

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CAVOLINE® Cable Management Storage Boxes

Designed & Crafted by DURABLE

The CAVOLINE® cable management storage boxes are the perfect, durable solution for a variety of cord management needs. The system is simple. The lid lifts off easily so that you can plug your cords into your surge protector, USB hub or other cable hook up stored inside the box. The cords enter & exit out of the rubberized openings in the side. Simply close the lid once your cables are all plugged in to secure them safely in the high quality, flame-retardant spacious box designed to optimize on ideal cord air circulation & prevent rubbing or snagging. The lid also offers a circular cable outlet for USB cables and convenient phone charging.

Hot Features

Award-Winning Design
Award-Winning Design

The CAVOLINE® Cable Management Storage Boxes have won multiple international product design awards each judged by international jury panels of product design experts. They have secured both a world-renowned RedDot Design Award, ICONIC award & iF Design award for product design.

Relax with Ergonomics
Relax with Ergonomics

The CAVOLINE® Cable Management Storage Boxes offer double-sided rubberized cable outlet slots for easy handling and ideal air circulation. At their base, they have large, rubber pads for non-slip stability. These 2 features act to make cable management easy and otherwise safely out of the way.

Try It 30 Day Guarantee
Try It 30 Day Guarantee

Choosing a chair is a very intimate experience. After all, you're going to spend more time with your chair than you are with most other people. We want you to feel great about your chair from To support this, we offer to exchange or return your product for a refund within 30 days of receipt of your online order.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping

Your CAVOLINE® Cable Management Storage Box ships free to any of the contiguous 48 United States. No hidden fees. No Exceptions. No Nonsense. Plus, it arrives in just one box.

Product Specs

Large Cable Storage Box

Dimensions & Weights:
Max Height: 5.5″
Max Width: 6.1″
Max Depth: 16″
Product Weight: 2.75 lb